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With OffersOnDemand™ your content is aligned with relevant Offers that are made available for sale on your site.

OffersOnDemand™ Offers are not like banners ads or other forms of online advertisements that lead your visitors away from your site. Visitors stay and transact on your site, you gain SEO content, and the retention benefits of a fully integrated e-commerce system but without the e-commerce set-up and maintenance hassles.

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With OffersOnDemand™ you can build a highly profitable e-commerce website instantly. Think about it, a fully functional online shop filled with Offers for products you don't have to stock, ship, or provide customer service for. There are no setup costs. There is no need for a merchant account. All the time-consuming energy involved in running an e-commerce site is left in our hands.

Instant Ecommerce for your website or Blog

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You have the content and traffic. What you need is a profitable, easy to set-up, SEO-rich commerce alternative that lets you focus on your content while quietly making your web site money in the background.

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Do you produce content that has complementary goods for which people routinely pay? Choose from hundreds of popular Offers, add an entire catalog of products to your site with just a few clicks and Start Selling Now!

Now you can stop dealing with the hassels of banner ads, text ads and affiliate programs and still make money.

This is the Web-era equivalent of drop shipping - except you do not have to manage partner relationships, shopping cart logistics, billing issues, customer service, and product returns.

OffersOnDemand™ handles all the e-commerce requirements. The system we offer even boosts your SEO by layering on relevant Offer content that complements your site's content

OffersOnDemand™ frees you up for your more creative activities;
producing content that attracts and engages visitors.

NO Inventory,
NO Overhead,
NO Merchant Account,
WE HANDLE Customer Service,
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With OffersOnDemand™ you have none of the e-commerce set-up and maintenance hassles.

You profit from every successful transaction! OffersOnDemand™ ia an easy, efficient, e-commerce service for content providers who don't want to tangle with soup-to-nuts e-commerce platforms and convoluted affiliate programs.

It's clear, straight-forward and easy to implement.

NO Inventory, NO Overhead, NO Merchant Account.
We handle Customer Service!

Retain Your Valuable Visitors
as Loyal Customers

Keep Visitors On Your Site

Offer products and services visitors to your site and keep them on your site. Visitors never leave your site. They order right from your pages. Everything from the initial landing page to the sale confirmation stays within your domain/URL.

OffersOnDemand™ Offers are not like traditional Web banners or advertisements that lead your visitors away from your site. Visitors stay on your pages, and you gain all the SEO, sales, and retention benefits of a fully integrated e-commerce system but without the e-commerce set-up and maintenance hassles.

Build A Customer List

OffersOnDemand™ provides a unique opportunity unlike any other traditional forms of online promotions. Because visitors transact with Offers on your site, a customer list is maintained on your behalf. Think of it as a built in subscription service. With OffersOnDemand™ you have the opportunity to engage your custumers with newsletters, announcements and other promotions.

Relevant Content

When you place OffersOnDemand™ Offers into your pages, SEO content is automatically inserted. Your pages gain key words and relevant content without lifting a finger.

Enaging Promotions

On-line Ads are more of a nuisance than anything and are easily blocked by ad blocking software and browser plug-ins. On-line Ads conflict with the goals of the site owner; doing everything they can to lure visitors away from the Web page.

OffersOnDemand™ provide seamless promotional and value-added content without disrupting pages or running the risk of blocking out sections of your pages (Flash blocking, Ad blocking software. and browser plug-ins).

OffersOnDemand™ allows you to display SEO content seamlessly within your pages. As a result, promotional content is less obtrusive. It blends with your page design and enhances the user experience rather than disengaging them.

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